Your own Reflection

In a village there lived an old man who was wise and happy, he would meet everyone in the village and share their happiness and sorrow. Old man’s house was at the entrance of the village, there was a bridge which has to be crossed to enter the village old man used to sit on a bench on the bridge and watch people go to town to sell crops.

Old man’s grandson would sit with him and play in the evenings on that bench. The old man taught his grandson all good habits during that playtime and tell him many stories.

One day a family travelling approached the old man sitting on the bench and asked him “how are the people of this village”.

The old man asked the family “where are you coming from?”

A man answered, “we used to live in a nearby village”.

The old man asked, “how are the people of that village?”

The man replied, “People in that village are very jealous, unfriendly”.

The old man said, “people of this village are worse than that, you can never be happy here, please go and find another village to live”.

The family walked back and left.

Next day another family travelling approached the old man, head of the family greeted him and asked: “how are the people of this village”.

The old man asked him “where you are from and how are people of that place?”

The man replied, “we are coming from a distant village, people of that village are very warm and friendly”.

The old man then said, “villagers of this village are most friendly you can happily make your home, please get into village”.

Grandson of the old man was confused, he sat beside old man and said: “you taught me not to lie, but you said different things about our village to two different families, why?”

The old man explained to his grandson “I did not lie to either of them, I just showed them how they are, people get the same kind of treatment as they behave with others, the first family found trouble with others, they will be same everywhere, this family is friendly and will be so anywhere.”

Grandson learned a valuable lesson of how to live life with others.

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