Work – Happiness

It is a very old story yet very relevant even today. Once a sage was traveling through whole India on feet and after traveling a long distance he was very tired and wanted to take rest for a while in the next village.

Sage found a big tree when he entered the village so he found some place under it and slept. After a while his sleep was disturbed by some continuous noise, he woke up to see who was making the noise.

Sage found a man little away under another tree working on a stone with a chisel and hammer. Sage approached the person and asked him, “What are you doing”?

The man replied, “I cutting the stone”.

Sage said, “I can see that but what are you making by cutting the stone?”

The man replied, “I don’t know”.

Sage left the place, after walking little into the village he saw yet another man sculpting a pillar out of stone. He approached the man and asked him, “What are you doing?”

The man replied, “I do not know what it will be, I am just working as instructed by that person”, and he pointed at a man working under a tree nearby.

Sage went to this man and asked him, “What are you doing?”

The man replied, “O! Mahatma, I am trying to sculpt pillars for a temple, I wish to make a temple in this village. Villagers here visit another village as we do not have any big temple here.”

I have been gifted with the art by god and I am putting it to use, I can hear the sacred sounds of bells ringing whenever I hit the stone with a chisel. I just get involved so much in this work and I enjoy it, it gives me immense pleasure.

Sage was very happy listening to the man and blessed with success and went away.


When you can listen or view the end result of your efforts it means that you are enjoying your work only this kind of attitude will give you satisfaction in life. Love the work you do.

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