What Goes Around Comes Around

Once there was a farmer who worked very hard to keep his family happy. Farmer’s field was 1 km away from his house, every day from early morning he worked on his field till afternoon and breaks for lunch, he travels back to home eat his lunch and sleep for a while and then go back to the field to work and return home by night.

There was no proper rains and crop was poor for some years, this year also rains looked very poor, he was very much worried as he had borrowed money from moneylender and he was short on his interest too for a couple of months.

With all sorts of problems one afternoon when the farmer was returning to his farm after lunch he saw a car stopped on the road, there was a female who looked very rich and worried.

He went up to her and asked her, what is the problem? Can I be of any help?
Women replied, “I am traveling from nearby village to city, her tire has gone flat and she does not know how to change tire”.

The man knew how to change the tire, so he took out jack and started changing the tire, within no time he changed the tire.

Rich woman was happy that she got help and asked him “how much can I pay you, for the help?”

Farmer said, “I do not charge for helping people, if u want to give me something, just help the person in need you meet next, and remember me while helping them.”
Saying that farmer walked away towards his field.

Rich women started driving, some way down the road she felt very thirsty and stopped at a house on road side. House looked very old and broken.

She knocked on the door, a woman who was pregnant opened the door and asked what she wants?

Rich women told her that she was traveling to the city and was very thirsty and need some water.

Women went into the house and got some bread along with water and offered her, the lady refused to take bread, but women insisted on taking as she has to travel a long distance and will not find any place to eat.

Rich women took the bread and asked for more water, women went inside the house to get water, but by the time she returned women was gone leaving a note on her doorway.

It was written “thank you for the help, I am leaving some money, which can be of use for you. I too got from a good man and he asked me to repay him by helping someone”

The woman was happy with the help the rich lady did, in the evening when her husband returned she told him what happened.

Farmer was surprised and thought “what goes around comes around”.

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