what astrology says about person psychology – 1

Astrology is one of the branches of Vedas, astrology is often used to predict a person’s past, present and future. Let us now analyze how can we determine a person’s psychology using astrology, how planets, lagna influence them.

According to astrology, we have 12 rasi’s, 9 planets. These 9 planets move in 12 rasi using them we can determine a person’s jathakam (horoscope).

Person’s personality and thinking can be classified based on 3 factors.

1. Surya Sthithi (Sun Sign): Based on sun navigation it is determined. Sun presides for 30 days in each rasi. As people born in the same month are not same in any way, even their thinking cannot be determined using Surya Sthithi.

2. Chandra Sthithi (Moon Sign): Based on moon navigation it is determined. When a person is born based on moon’s presence in a particular rasi becomes the person’s rasi.

Example: if a person is born during the moon is navigating in Ashwini Nakshatra, as Ashwini is of Mesha (Aires) rasi, so Mesha become the person’s rasi.
Moon resides for 2 ½ days in each rasi. As 2 ½ days are more limited time determining can be little more accurate compared to sun sign.

3. Lagna Sthithi (Ascendant): lagna is given greater importance in astrology. Horoscope calculations, determining the time for auspicious occasions (Marriage, Education) lagna is taken into consideration. Lagna is 1.15 – 2 hours duration. So determination becomes even more accurate.

The possibility of having people born under same sun sign, same moon sign, same rasi, and lagna is rare. So to predict a person’s personality and psychology we have to take into consideration all these 3 factors.

We will know in next post about how to predict a person’s personality and psychology.

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