What astrology says about person psychology – 4

Tula (Libra): This is Air sign, people with this lagna likes to complete work on hand as soon as possible. They hate delay in work.

Ruling planet for this lagna is Shukra (Venus), they don’t like to be alone, being with friends, and family members indulging in celebrations are always on their mind.

As the lagna is movable sign, a person under this lagna demonstrates equality for everyone trait. They appreciate fine arts lot, and may also learn one of them. They can change their thoughts and mind easily. They are short tempered and cools down easily. Sometimes give up on work before completion.

Common Balance is the symbol of this lagna – they stand for what is right. Imaginations could be unrealistic. Have a lot of interest in love affairs.

To do things in a new way and with imagination, these people would be good.

Vrischika (Scorpion): This is Water sign, people with this lagna have Love, Anger, Hate at extremes.

Ruling planet for this lagna is Kuja (Mars), they are fighters don’t like to give up easily. To achieve the goal they do everything possible.

As the lagna is immovable sign, a person under this lagna does not change their mind easily. Do not believe others easily, do not move easily with others

Scorpion is the symbol of this lagna – harshness in words and behavior is prominent.

Like to do things secretly, to solve secrets they can be very helpful.

Dhanasu (Sagittarius): This is Fire sign, people with this lagna love to be independent. They don’t like to take orders from others and do not like to order others.

Ruling planet for this lagna is Guru (Jupiter), they like teaching. Make friends with elders. Can talk n discuss anything with minimum knowledge also.

As the lagna is dual sign, Thinking of person can’t be predicted easily, can exhibit anger while actually being opposite inside. Very good thinkers. Can predict future sometimes.

Archer is the symbol of this lagna – Trusting them and discussing anything can always be done without hesitation.

They are experts in giving advice. Can be good mediators to make peace / friendship.

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