What are you?

Once upon a time in a city lived a young man who lost all his money given by his father in business. Broken he went to meet his old father one day.

The young man told his father that he is totally tired and fed up with the struggle in life and can’t see any ray of hope as he tried doing many businesses but failed at all of them.

Father listened to his son patiently and asked him to take rest and said he will talk to him the next morning.

Next morning when the young man went to see his father, he was in the kitchen making breakfast for both of them.

Seeing the son old man said, “My dear son come here and see what I have for you for breakfast”.

The young man saw that his father has made potatoes mash, boiled eggs and hot coffee for him. He turned towards him and thanked him.

They sat down to eat, then the old man said, “Do you know what is the difference between the raw and cooked food you are about to eat?”

The young man looked at his father in confusion.

The old man took a raw potato, an uncooked egg, and some coffee beans placed them in front of his son.

The old man asked him to touch the potatoes and tell him how are they?
The young man replied, “Hard”.

The old man asked, How are the eggs?
The young man replied, “Fragile”.

The old man asked, How are coffee beans?
The young man replied, “Raw”.

The old man said, now when I have put them all in water and boiled them to a certain point, potatoes which were hard earlier turned soft, eggs which were fragile turned hard, beans which were raw turned the water into aromatic flavored drink and disappeared.

In the same way, life also pushes us through tough situations but it all depends on us if we stand and fight back to become, soft or hard or disappear.

Moral: many things happen in life to us, but how do we take them and move forward is the key to succeeding.

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