Secret of Happiness

Once upon a time in a village lived a sage who has given up on worldly pleasures and was known to be pleasant and happy always. People traveled from far lands to get rid of their problems by seeking his advice.

One day a man came to the sage and said, “Gurudev I want to know the secret of being happy forever?”

The sage said, “Dear Son, please follow me into the jungle and I will reveal the secret of being happy forever to you”.

The man walked behind the sage silently into the jungle, after walking some distance the sage picked up a rock big enough to carry with two hands and placed it in hands of man and said to follow.

For some time the man was fine carrying the rock, but later he started to feel the weight and his hands started to pain. After bearing the pain for some time he finally said, “I cannot carry the rock anymore, it is hurting me”.

The sage asked him to drop the rock down.

The man felt relieved and happy.

The sage the spoke, “This is the secret of being happy forever”.

The man said, “I did not understand your meaning, Gurudev”.

Gurudev replied, “Just like carrying the rock for some time has given you unbearable pain, carrying it further could have caused you more pain and damage also. People carry pain, hatred, and jealousy in their hearts. Carrying these in your heart causes unhappiness in you. When your mind and heart are full of these negative things how can it hold love and happiness? So you have to drop the pain, hatred, and jealousy to be happy forever.”

The man understood the importance and secret of being happy forever.

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