Secret Science behind Indian marriage system

Marriage is a very important event in Indians life. Marriage is a new beginning in a person’s life. Marriage system in India especially Hindu marriage system has much difference from other marriage systems of the world, not only the way it is conducted but also in psychologically and genetics are involved in its design of the system.

There are many rules and conditions that have to be satisfied before marriage, during a marriage, and after marriage. These rules or conditions have been laid down based on many scientific reasons, which one has to know to understand the greatness in the system.

We will cover some part of the whole system here as it can’t be covered in one post….

According to Vedas marriage can be of 8 types, depending on procedure it has been carried out.

1.Brahma: Inviting a person who is well learned, mannered and offering girl to him to marry.

2.Daiva: During Yagna person performing the Yagna, offers the groom clothes and gold ornaments depending on his status consider groom as Lord Narayana, prays him and offers the bride to marry.

3.Arsha: Arshamu is cow which is a confluence of Ox and Cow, offering an arshamu and girl to boy to marry.

4.Prajapathya: The Kanya datha while offering girl says to groom, “I am offering you the girl, you both shall lead a happy life and have children”.

5.Asura: offering money to girl’s parents and marrying her, such girl’s family will not be equal in social status to the boy.

6.Gandharva: Boy and girl love each other and get married, either of the family members is involved in such marriage, we call it as Love Marriage.

7.Rakshasa: Threating the girl’s family or by abduction marrying a girl.

8.Paisachika: when the girl is unconscious or sleeping or when her psychological condition is not right, without her conscience abducting her and marrying. Shastra’s does not approve such marriage.

Of the above said 8 types first 4 are the only recommended ones, rest of the types have ill effects on country, family, and children born of such marriages.

There are many rules and conditions as we have stated above, let’s now analyze some formulae they use to decide an alliance.

1)Vavi: when deciding upon Bride and Groom we have to consider Vavi, Mother, Daughter, and Sister are considered as Vavi, and one should not marry them.

2)Varasa: One should not marry a girl with whom u don’t have varasa, they are….

Daughter of your father’s sister

Grand Daughter of your father’s sister



Sister of your step mother

Daughter of your step mother sister



Your maternal uncle (mother’s brother) wife’s sister

Your Father’s younger brother’s, wife’s, sister’s daughter

Daughter of Brother’s daughters


Wife’s Sister

Daughter of Wife’s sister

Elder Brother’s wife’s sister

Daughter of Elder Brother’s wife’s sister

If you are adopted your adopted father’s sister daughter

If your father adopted a girl, her daughter



Maternal uncle’s daughter’s daughter

Maternal uncle’s son’s daughter



Adopted daughter of your guru

Daughter of the guru



Your mother-in-laws sister

Daughter of your aunt’s daughter

Step Sister of your aunt


Your fathers younger brother’s sister-in-laws adopted daughter

Your fathers younger brother’s step wife’s sister daughter



Your fathers younger brother’s wife sister’s step’s daughter

Your widowed daughter-in-law’s step’s sister

Your mother’s maternal uncles daughter-in-laws sister


Step grandmother’s brother’s daughter

Maternal uncles daughter-in-law’s sister

Fathers sister’s daughter-in-law’s sister


People mentioned in the above table should not be married.

If a person does not consider Vavi – Varasa in a marriage alliance there are high chances of facing genes related issues, even modern science have supported this argument to marry people.

People who have married within restricted relations like one stated above have faced problems at social, mental and genetics levels.

3)Gothram: It is said “we have to see 7 generations of both bride and groom sides before agreeing to marriage”, but due to the drastic increase in population one can’t keep track of all relations between families and bride and groom. If people fail to do this check there will be a lot of problems. To overcome this problem concept of Gothram has been introduced. People belonging to the same gotram should not get married.

Gothram is explained as “Go” – cow and “Thrayam” – 3. Rishi/sage name is given to gothrams. From rishi ashram cows are left to move around freely, the distance as far it can move freely without any threat was considered as gothram and people living within that area adopted that rishi’s name as gothram.
Son inherits father’s gothram and daughter inherits her husband’s gothram after marriage. This system has been designed because according to modern science chromosome “X” and chromosome “Y” decides the gender of a child, only a male child has both “X, Y” chromosomes, a female child does not have “Y” chromosome. So, gothram is taken into consideration to finalize a marriage.

4)Family Name: same like gothram family names also helps to identify “Vavi – Varasa”, people with the same family name should not marry.

5)Calculation of gunas using natal charts of both girl and boy is done before marriage finalization.

6)According to natal chart if boy and girl’s guna’s match to 18 out of 36 possible points. One could argue that if the family name and gothram are enough to approve a marriage why to consider gunas? Guna’s give us insight into a person’s personality and mentality if a boy who is completely outgoing and open in expressing his mind is married to a reserved and introvert girl they may face problems adjusting to each other. Individual’s views, tastes, and opinions vary and if 2 individuals with contrast views get married they would end up fighting to prove each other wrong and marriage would not stand long.

7)Health: health conditions of both boy and girl will be taken into consideration.

When a marriage is arranged to bring a boy and girl into a bond for life, one can know about physical and mental aspects to an extent only.

Present generation boy and girls are falling in love and getting married without considering many important aspects stated above, we can offer best schools to children but can’t design their ability to learn, if they are naturally intelligent one cannot assure about their mentality. Modern science quotes “Good facial features, beautiful body, personality, habits, hereditary diseases (Blood Pressure, Diabetes, etc.) are passed down to future generations”.

Getting married without considering important aspects may not necessarily lead to problems but if their children are born with an illness and other problems (Dyslexia, etc.) even the happiness of marriage to loved one can’t console them. By doing such acts we are not building a strong future, society, and nation.

Our ancestors had thought about these things with a far sight of future and problems, we should appreciate it.

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