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When Bhudevi (mother earth) was burdened by the bad kshatriya kings Lord Vishnu incarnated as “Parashurama” and killed all of them who did not follow the path of righteousness.

Parashurama is Lord Vishnu’s sixth avatar, he took birth to Sage Jamadagni and his wife Renuka. Parashurama was named “Bhargava Rama” but as he carried the “Parashu” (Axe) always with him which was given to him by Lord Shiva he was known by name Parashurama.

Parashurama was an obedient son of their parents, once when Sage Jamadagni was angry with his wife Renuka for not following his instructions ordered his sons to behead her, out of all the four sons only Parashurama obeyed his father’s order and immediately beheaded his mother. After his anger subdued Jamadagni asked Parashurama to ask for a wish and Parashurama asked to bring back to life his mother. which Jamadagni agreed for. Parashurama was also known as “Brahmana Kshatriya”.

Kartaviryarjuna was a king who pleased Dattatreya Swamy and got the boon of having 1000 arms and death at the hands of Lord Vishnu.

Kartaviryarjuna was a good king and ruled his people well, but was blinded by the power he has accumulated and had control over all the worlds. One day Kartaviryarjuna along with his army was traveling through the jungle and stopped at Jamadagni’s ashram.

Jamadagni wished the king and requested him and his men to take bath in the river nearby to have food. Upon returning from river Jamadagni served a variety of dishes to Kartaviryarjuna and his army. Kartaviryarjuna wondered how did Jamadagni manage to serve so many people at such a short span of time, there was no way he could have arranged all these items.

So Kartaviryarjuna requested to know how Jamadagni did this.

Jamadagni replied, “we have a cow named Kamadhenu and her calf, they are wonderful creatures which can give anything you ask for with its help only we were able to serve you food”.

Kartaviryarjuna felt that he should have this cow with him and demanded Jamadagni to surrender it to him. Jamadagni declined Kartaviryarjuna order and Kartaviryarjuna forcefully took away the Kamadhenu.

when all this happened Parashurama and his brothers were away from the ashram. when they returned Renuka explained what happened and Parashurama angered over the misadventure of Kartaviryarjuna and immediately started off to Mahishmati the capital city of Kartaviryarjuna.

Parashurama dared Kartaviryarjuna to give back the Kamadhenu or fight him, underestimating the power of the brahmin boy Kartaviryarjuna sent an army to capture Parashurama but Parashurama killed each one of them, taken back by this result Kartaviryarjuna himself went ahead to fight Parashurama.

Parashurama who was an incarnation of lord Vishnu with his “Parashu” chopped off 1000 arms of Kartaviryarjuna and ultimately his head.

Kartaviryarjuna met his end as he wished.

Kartaviryarjuna sons pledged to take revenge for their father’s death and when Parashurama was away from ashram beheaded sage Jamadagni.

Renuka cried for help when all this happened, she shouted “Parashurama” for 21 times.

When Parashurama returned to the ashram and saw his beheaded father he was furious and vowed to kill all the kshatriyas on the earth who did not follow dharma, he went around the earth for 21 times on feet and killed almost all kshatriyas.

Thus Lord Vishnu in the form of Parashurama removed the burden of mother earth and is believed to be a “Chiranjeevi” who will live till the end of the world.

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