Mistake – Correction

Gurukul of Vishnu Sharma was a place to learn all types of arts, many students came from far kingdoms to get educated. among the students there was one Vinay Verma who was passionate about painting, he made many beautiful landscapes and portraits of persons.

One day Vinay Verma made a painting with lot of effort and displayed it in the ashram, he also put a note beside the painting “Please circle the part in painting with black color where you find a mistake”.

By evening when Vinay Verma saw the painting it was all covered with black circles. He was very sad and depressed.

Seeing Vinay Verma’s agony guru Vishnu Sharma called him to his hut and enquired him about reason for being sad.

Vinay Verma told what happened.

Vishnu Sharma told Vinay to make another painting and keep it on display but this time put a note as “Please correct the mistake in painting if you find any”.

Vinay did as the guru suggested. Viany was surprised as there were no corrections and painting was as he made it.

Viany went to Vishnu Sharma and asked him “what was the difference?”

Vishnu Sharma said, “It is very easy for people to point out mistakes in others or work done by others, but to correct the mistakes of others mostly nobody is ready. Humans must undersatnd even after trying our best in doing things and building anything people will keep finding mistakes in them, one should not get disheartened by that, instead keep working hard and try putting more effort”.

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