Lesser known facts of vaalmiki ramayanam-4

We have seen Interesting facts of Ramayana in earlier posts, here are some more facts of “Lesser Known Facts of Ramayanam” series… we all know the rift between Vali and Sugriva brothers of Kishkinda kingdom.

Vali and Sugriva were involved in a fierce bout when Lord Rama hiding in the trees nearby took aim and shot Vali. Vali crashed to the ground with a loud thud. Lord Rama along with Lakshmana and ministers of Sugriva approached Vali from behind the trees, Sugriva stood beside them with folded hands looking at Vali.

Vali looking at Lord Rama spoke, “Rama you are considered to be a man of dharma, a great warrior. How could you shoot me hiding in trees when I was fighting with some other person? are you not ashamed of your act do you call this bravery? I am not a human like you I am a monkey who feeds on leafs and fruits growing on trees, you are a human known to be intellect who can differentiate between dharma and adharma. You are an impostor, in the name of saving dharma you are killing me, had you challenged me to a fight I would have won over you fearing your defeat you have shot me like a coward hiding in trees, don’t you feel ashamed of your act?”

Lord Rama replied to Vali’s questions….

1. I belong to Ikshvaku dynasty and Bharata is the king ruling, your kingdom of Kishkinda is also part of our total kingdom and we have to protect law under this region.

2. Three people hold the respect of father they are your own father, your elder brother, and teacher who taught you. Three people had to be considered as your son they are a son born to you, younger brother and student who learned from you.

when your father died you inherited the throne and became king, you are supposed to be the father figure to all pupils including your younger brother Sugriva, but you have captured his wife Ruma while he is still alive and kept her as your wife, is that not Adharma?

3. You are a friend of Ravana and you have an accord with him that you both can share a woman who is captured by either of you is that not Adharma?

4. You are a king you have to follow dharma, if you do not set an example your pupil will also follow you and lead a life of adharma, I am a kshatriya I have the responsibility of punishing the one who is not following dharma, if I do not punish you, I will become a sinner. Now when I have punished you for your sins you are free of all sins and will attain a better position in another world.

5. I am a human and you are an animal. Kshetriya has responsibility to protect dharma and if i have to kill an animal to protect dharma I could kill it in following ways by hiding, capturing it in net, trapping, when it is alert, when it is sleeping, when it is still, when it is running, anytime, only one situation when it is mating I am forbidden not to kill. So now when I have shot you I have not done any act of sin.

Listening to Lord Rama, Vali with folded hands asked for his forgiveness and said, ” I am fortunate to meet my end by your hands now I am free of all sins and will die peacefully.

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