Lesser Known Facts of Ramayanam – 3

We have seen Interesting facts of Ramayana in earlier posts, here are some more facts of “Lesser Known Facts of Ramayanam” series…

6. Lakshman Rekha: We all know the story of Lakshmana drawing a Rekha to protect Sita while going in search of Rama. Valmiki Ramayana has a different narrative of this

Lakshmana did not draw any Rekha according to Valmiki, instead, it’s written as…

When Sita expressed her desire to have “Golden Deer” that was seen near the hut in the jungle, Lord Rama turned to Lakshmana and said, “Sita has not demanded anything for 13 years of Aranyavasam, this is the only thing she wished for so I cannot turn it down. I am going to catch it, as you suspect if the deer is the demon “Maricha” I will kill him. You have to be very careful while I am gone, you along with Jatayu protect Sita”.

Speaking so Lord Rama left to catch the golden deer.

“Maricha” in the disguise of golden deer ran deep into the forest away from hut and Lord Rama followed it for a long time. At one point Lord Rama thought it’s useless to chase the deer like this and took an arrow resembling a snake and Uttered the spell of “Brahmastra” blessed to him by Lord Brahma and took aim at deer and shot it.
The arrow traveled at light speed and pierced Maricha’s body and he fell down shouting “ha! Sita”, “ha! Lakshmana” in Rama’s voice. Blood starting oozing out of his body fierce fully.

Lord Rama recalled Lakshmana’s warning and in worry of Sita, he killed a couple of animals collected their flesh and started running back towards the hut.

Sita heard the cry of Maricha in Rama’s voice and said, “Lakshmana it seems your brother is in danger he called out for help “ha! Sita”, “ha! Lakshmana” you have to go at once for his help.

Lakshmana said, ” do not worry about the brother, he cannot be harmed by anyone, “all gods, demons, Gandharvas, Yakshas, Kinneras and all the brave together cannot defeat Lord Rama. I know the might of my brother. You have mistaken Maricha’s shout for brothers call for help, believe me”.

na sass tasya swaro vyktam na kaschit api dyvataha |
gandharva nagara prakhya maya tasya cha rakshasa ||

Be assured about brothers safest, it was some demon who shouted in Lord Rama’s voice trying to distract us. You please do not worry, if I leave you here alone you might get into some trouble, brother will return soon with the skin of the golden deer. He has given me the responsibility of your safety and asked me not leave your side. If I leave you I would have broken my promise to him.

There are no bad intentions in me. Brother has killed 14,000 demons alone so demons are very angry and are trying to do all this to harm us, believe me, do not believe the voice calling for help.

Sita spoke, “I understood your bad intentions, you came along with us to this forest with a plan made by your brother Bharata of making sure Lord Rama die in this forest. knowing he is in danger you refuse to go to his help and if you think I will give in after your brother Rama dies then you are mistaken, I will consume poison and die here right now”.

Lakshmana replied, “Oh! god, you have accused me of so many allegations on me here today and I would not answer any of them. You spoke just like any other ordinary women. You have also included Bharata into this, I could answer every question you raise on me, but I wish to remain silent as you are older to me, but remember this you will have to bear the consequences of sending me away.

I cannot tell all this to brother Rama so, oh! gods of the forest stand as witness to what happened here today. I am leaving Sita here and shall be not blamed for this. I am going to find my brother, I hope the forest gods will protect you. He touched down on her feet and asked, “when my brother returns and you stand beside him, will I have the chance to touch your feet?”

Sita replied, “You are delaying in helping your brother with the intention to make sure he dies there, I will not give a chance to you to even touch my feet. If you do not leave at once I will consume poison or jump into fire or river or hang myself to a tree to die.”

Hearing this Lakshmana with tears in eyes did a pradakshina of Sita and left.

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