Indian Education System and its transformation.

Indian education system from the early stages has been concentrated on Nature, Living species, Society, Family system, Human relations. Indian system has customs, traditions included in them, care has been taken that none of them are harmed and balance is maintained. Before the Christian era began India was a house for world famous universities.

Indian civilizations are one of the oldest civilizations of the world. Subjects as Mathematics, Astronomy, Gemology, Administration, Arts, Biology, Law were taught. Knowledge of these subjects was imparted to all students and included them into traditions and customs so that everyone followed them.

Travelers who came to India from other continents and countries could not understand the culture and customs here and felt people here are not modern and uncivilized.

For example, Men and women wear kumkum teeka on the forehead and also women apply turmeric paste to feet. These are customs which are not followed anywhere else.

Western people could not understand these and ruled out them as backward and uncivilized practices.It is human nature that we try to undervalue outsiders and their practices. After Industrial revolution in Europe, British people came to India and due to lack of knowledge of local practices ruled out us as uncivilized people. They introduced English education system and social practices and slowly our customs and traditions were left out as superstitions.

As this situation continued for generations, Indians forgot the culture and customs and started to doubt and question our practices.

None of the Indians or Foreign rulers made an attempt to study, understand and do research. Had it been done, much of that precious knowledge could have been retained.

Business was the only motive of Europeans to places/countries they visited. Once they set strong foot and introduce their culture, local cultures, society, family system, ecology all faced extinction kind of situation.

Western system of education stresses on individual independence which made man live alone and get separated from family in the name of personal life. Indian society stresses on family system children live with parents even after getting married and having children under one roof, unlike western society where individual leaves home once they start earning and does not take care and support parents in their old age. When individual life is disturbed it affects family system which effects society which in turn affects the nature and thus ecology gets disturbed.

Indian education system had Guru – Shishya culture, student / shishya comes to Gurukul accepts brahmachrayam (celibacy) and serve guru to gain knowledge. The student learns discipline, peace, and values along with education. Individual’s capability was taken into consideration and education was imparted as per his understand and skill. Education was provided free of cost and on completion guru Dakshina was given as per student capacity. The Western system teaches all subjects to every student and all pay fee for gaining the education.

Example: Arjuna one of the warrior princes of Padava’s learned the knowledge of using “Brahmastra” a powerful weapon, Dronacharya the guru did not teach his son Ashwathama though he pleaded him many times. Dronacharya saw that Ashwathama was short tempered and he may miss using this weapon when he is angry.

For the same reason, Ekalavya was rejected to be taken as a student by Dronacharya.
Student’s capability and eligibility were gauged to impart knowledge.

Modern education emphasizes on individuals talent but does not take into consideration personality. Teacher, parents are also equally responsible for this situation. Such education creates individuals without character. Police are corrupt, Lawyers lie and defend criminals, businessmen does not value customer satisfaction, quality of product and just makes money by providing sub-standard goods and services.

Experts opinion about inventions of modern times like Plastic, Mobile phones, Petrol vehicles, television are causing a lot of damage to humans.

Analyzing old Indian education system and taking methods into consideration and apply to modern times would help individuals, society and the world at large and we wish for that change in our world.

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