Fruits – Myth

Food is the basic necessity of every living being. Humans have included a variety of foods to his platter like fruits, grains, vegetables, etc. Fruits are a vital part of our food system as they are naturally available and have necessary vitamins, minerals needed for the body in abundance.

Eating a fruit daily is a good habit. Many people have many myths about eating fruits, some avoid them at certain times for same reason, let’s observe some common myths related to fruits and facts about the same.

Best time to eat fruits?

Morning, afternoon or evening our body needs glucose and energy to carry out chores so eating fruits then would be very appropriate. Eating fruits before having meals is advised as the fruits get digested easily if you eat them after the meal they will be digested yet be stuck in the intestine as the food ate before it takes long hours to digest and it causes problems too.

Fruits – tooth decay

After eating fruits or anything one should clean their teeth thoroughly or else oral problems could trouble you. food rich in fiber needs a lot of chewing them which actually helps cleaning teeth as lots of saliva is released and it reaches all corners of the mouth and cleans every tooth. Fruits which are very sweet should be taken in limited quantity.

Diabetes – No fruits

It is widely believed that people with diabetes problem should not eat fruits but truth is they can also eat fruits but they have to pay attention that they do not eat fruits with high sugar and carbohydrates. Banana, Mango, Jackfruit are few of the fruits that diabetic should avoid. other fruits can be eaten but in limited quantity.

Apple – fever fruit
apple has abundant vitamin, fiber, and antioxidants in them because they can be easily digested doctors advise to have an apple every day. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is a famous saying.

Guava – Cold

Guava has vitamin C in abundance, it helps in strengthening the immune system. If a person has cold and cough and they eat guava it does not aggravate it rather it helps to get rid of it.

Eating fully ripe fruits

Fruits unless and until doesn’t smell bad and change color can be consumed without any fear, many think that fruit which are fully ripe should not be consumed. fully ripe fruits are easy to digest and good for health as they are naturally ready to eat.

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