Food For Healthy And Attractive Body

A healthy and attractive body is everybody’s wish and we all give up our favorite foods and spend a lot of time in burning calories which we get by eating them. Food does not only give us energy but also does lot of good and if we eat the right kind of food

* Water: Everyone should drink at least 3 liters of water every day, as soon as we wake up drinking 1 liter of water on the empty stomach will have a great effect on the body.

* Milk: Milk is an important food for all everyone should drink a glass of milk every day, drinking a glass of skimmed milk before going to bed helps retain a lean figure.

* Honey: Nature’s wonderful gift to us is Honey, having 2 spoons of honey with a spoon of ginger juice will help improving immunity, skin will glow and improves complexion, using honey in place of processed sugar is always a better choice.

* Black Tea: Tea has become a habitual drink for many in daily life but if you opt for black tea instead of normal tea it is very useful. black tea gives necessary micro minerals and also keep the body in shape. Immunity improves as it has antioxidants in it. People with heart-related issues can have black tea without any fear. Hormones which causes pressure on body gets controlled by black tea.

* Sesame Seeds: Black sesame seeds have Iron, Proteins in abundance they are helpful in avoiding ulcers in the stomach when consumed regularly. they are also rich in calcium which is very necessary for bones.

* Pepper: Using pepper powder in cooking food is an intelligent choice, they can be used in solid form or powdered and added. pepper improves digestion, heart-related issues, dental problems, liver problems can be kept at bay by using them. a pinch of powder can be added to milk and consumed when you catch a cold and your throat is infected by it.

* Black Grapes: Grapes are a wonder fruits they are full of antioxidants which help in fighting cancer. cancer cells are found to be gradually reducing in the patients if eaten regularly in clinical studies. skin gains natural glow when you eat them daily, grapes with seeds would be much better and helpful over the seedless one.

* Black salt: Black salt used in making pickles traditionally. People dealing with sinus problem must use black salt. Throat infection caused due to allergy can be cured by gargling water with a pinch of salt added to it. Knee pains and other joint pains can be relieved by heating the salt wrapped in cloth and kept on joints.

* Vinegar: Indians do not use vinegar regularly in the food made at home but it is a good ingredient using which can improve blood flow in the body. cholesterol is controlled, immunity power increases and liver functionality improves.

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