Once upon a time, India was ruled by Samrat Samudra Gupta Pratap, he was a brave and kind king but was always worrying about future he was very anxious and restless. so to calm his mind one day he started on his chariot with a servant towards the forest.

When his chariot was going through the jungle Samudra Gupta heard music played on a flute at a distance, the music was so sweet that he asked the servant to stop the chariot and asked him to drive chariot in the direction of the music.

slowly the chariot was led by music towards the river bank where water was flowing smoothly and a kid was playing the music on his flute beside him there were goats and sheep grazing the green grass, the whole place looked pure and calm taking kings mind away from all the thoughts.

Samudra Gupta called out the boy and said, ” you play the flute so sweetly as if you were king of a kingdom and have nothing to worry in life”.

The boy said, ” O visitor, please do not wish for anything of that sort for me, I am a king right now but once I get a kingdom and a palace I will become a slave and shall no longer be a king.”

King was surprised by the boy’s words and asked, “what do you mean?”

The boy explained, ” Being independent gives much happiness than anything else in this world. Being rich does not make a man independent, rather a contemplation of god makes a man independent of all the problems and worries. Sun gives the same light for me and king, hunger, anger, sleep and all other needs of a human are common between me and the king except for the wealth or else what is that which I do not have?”

Listening to the boy’s words king became delighted all his worries have gone away and his mind opened up to endless happiness around him. King introduced himself to the boy and appreciated his knowledge about life, gave him some wealth and went back home happily.


Worries are humans greatest enemies, the mind always keeps worrying about past or future and make it restless, one should learn to control their mind, spend time in gods contemplation. Never compare your self with others.

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