In King Akbar’s court, Birbal was the most loved and hated by court men for his intelligence and popularity.

One day a court man named Mastan hatched a plan to trap Birbal in a theft and get him out of king’s court. He along with his 2 friends planned it for the next day court.

Next day when the court assembled, everyone was present in court when Mastan came running and said to Akbar “My lord I have witnessed a theft in royal treasure, last night”.

Akbar asked who has dared to do such an act, “tell me his name and I shall punish him”.

Mastan said, “he is one of our court men and a very prominent one, I worry about his future”.

By this time Akbar was furious knowing it has been done by an insider, he said: “tell me who it is”.

Mastan said, “oh king its none other than our Birbal, who has stolen precious gems from treasure last night”.

Akbar was worried knowing it was none other than his faithful friend Birbal. He asked Mastan to prove the allegation.

Mastan said, “yes my king, as you know the truth is like burning sun no one can stop it, we will place a red hot rod in Birbal hand and if he is innocent his hands would not burn”.

Listening to this Birbal understood Mastan’s intentions.

Akbar asked Birbal what you have to say about it. Birbal said, “oh great king, as I have been accused of the crime and I have to prove my innocence I am ready to do as Mastan has asked to, by taking red hot rod into my hands”.

Soldiers got a red hot rod and placed in the middle of the court.

Everyone was looking as what would Birbal do now.

Birbal reached to touch the rod but before he touched it he stopped and said my dear “Mastan why don’t you place the rod into my hands yourself”?

Listening to this Mastan got frightened and said: “how can I hold the rod”?
Birbal said, “as you have said only the guilty will get his hands burned, then why do you fear”?

Akbar too agreed to what Birbal said and asked Mastan to do as Birbal said.
Mastan understood his plan has failed and fell at Birbal’s feet and begged for mercy.

So with his presence of mind Birbal has escaped a trick played on him.

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