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About Us – Vedic RAYS

About Us

VedicRAYS.com wants to impart ancient Vedic knowledge given to us by great sages who lived in India. Sciences explained in vedas, astrology, astronomy, many unknown secrets of Ramayana, Mahabharata and other sacred texts.

God has blessed humans with great power to think and reason. Indian sub-continent and people who lived here for centuries have been more blessed with knowledge unparalleled to anybody at its times.
Knowledge, culture, customs, habits which our people have designed for us has great importance and related to social, economic, personal. Our system of eating, dressing, architecture, etc. were specific to individual and also to geographical location.

Slowly due to globalization we started to imitate others life style and customs in unfavorable conditions which causes disharmony to individual and eco system also. We lost that important and invaluable cultural heritage in fast paced life and are not able to pass on our tradition to next generations.

Beautiful panchatantra stories of morals and ethics useful for character building for young generation.

Our efforts are to bring back and impart such forgotten knowledge to all.

Ask us any doubt regarding rituals, practices, customs, festivals, observations. We will answer them with utmost precision and scientific reasoning possible.

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